Sponsorship Management.

Sports transcend borders, languages and cultures and sports sponsorship has become increasingly important as an effective means of building brand awareness and consumer consideration. Premier works with companies to define sports sponsorship objectives and determine where they fit in the overall Marketing Mix of a brand. We then assess sponsorship opportunities and create innovative strategies to best utilize these marketing investments.

Royal Sports provides nearly unlimited access to premier sports and lifestyle events, top personalities and global media platforms. Some of the best-known brands work with us to connect with prestigious sponsorship opportunities around the world. Our ability to negotiate, manage and activate sponsorship helps these companies create unique brand experience, which influence consumer-buying behaviors and build long-term loyalty.

Royal Sports is one of the best company in India that features a professional boxing sponsorship division. We have many years of experience at the forefront of boxing sponsorship and have the track record to back our claim as India’s leader in the industry. Sit down with us and see the benefits we provide from rights activation to leveraging and achieving real bottom line results from effective sponsorship management.

The best way to reach customers in dynamic markets is through sports marketing and sponsorship. Sports marketing taps into the emotions and passions consumers feel and cuts media clutter. Using sport as a medium we Make Sport Count for each and every client by creating unique and results driven strategies.

Our Key Offerings:

  • Identification of ideal brand partner
  • Evaluation and management of partnerships for corporations/brands
  • Activation planning and implementation
  • Development of corporate partner programs for sports properties
  • Sponsorship and naming rights sales for sports properties.

Our Key Sponsorship Services includes:

  • Competitive assessment
  • Sponsor evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Strategic, creative and tactical program development
  • On-site management
  • Promotion execution and fulfillment
  • Media Production and Distribution
  • Press Support

From the outset Royal Sports will work on a sports strategy with you, ensuring that you find the right sponsorship properties to market your brand and that the campaign and brand objectives are set, measured and ultimately reported on. Ensuring that our clients receive maximum results for their brand is our primary objective.