Talent Representation.

Royal Sports manages the careers and brands of the world’s most famous sports and entertainment figures. Royal Sports is also the world’s foremost sports agency. From contract negotiations to media training, We takes a complete approach to managing and marketing talent brands.

Talent Management Services are a key part of our overall model and talent management resource strategies. We specialize in representing celebrities from the world of sports. We offer close working relationships to enhance, develop and maintain their brand identity, whilst providing our clients with quality talent to enhance their commercial profile in the market place.

Royal Sports provides a holistic boxing approach, bringing personalized full service management expertise to all our talent. With many years of combined experience, Royal Sports specialize in long term career development, focusing on maximizing our talent’s earning potential. We believe in the power of building strong personal brands for our talent by targeting partnerships that result in commercial longevity and success. Our unique point of difference is that we diversify our talent’s opportunities internally through our various platforms.

Royal Sports can also assist sourcing talent for ambassador roles, negotiating and executing corporate agreements and sponsorship deals for individuals and organisations in the sports and entertainment industries. Every year, more talent rely on Royal Sports to provide total representation so they can concentrate on their on-field success while we develops and leverages their off-field success.

Our Talent Representation service includes:

  • Initiation, negotiation and finalization of professional talent’s contracts.
  • Professional Counselling in relation to the political climate at the destination club, and an on-going ‘sounding board’ role when and if the player needs to share their concerns.
  • On-going backing in relation to the media, a critical component of any player or coach’s future.
  • The team is well-versed with the media and their own set of rules. Royal Sports will assist the player to turn around negative media (over time and depending on the circumstances) and generate positive media (including social) to assist with their career.
  • Legal, Accounting, tax and financial and business advice if and when required, enabling the talent to maximize earnings and minimize the risk of poor financial activities.
  • With our network of international affairs and representatives, Royal Sports Management also assists talent with new career and business opportunities as these come available or if specifically requested to do so by the talent.
  • Conflict resolution where we will assist wherever possible as per the talent’s needs and requirements.