Branding & PR Management.

Royal Sports offers a full agency service including creative branding for companies and individual brands, a full range of branding services, social media management, PR management and consultancy service. We help clients and their brands manage their reputation on the internet and in the real world, as well as track, analyse and participate across all consumer-generated media communities, such as websites and social network sites.

Royal Sports believes that relationships are vital to producing a successful campaign and therefore by building an understanding and interacting with each and every client, is able to deliver not only an effective end product which meets original objectives, but also one that contains strong design and stands out from other marketing clutter.

At Royal Sports, the web team creates, develops and markets your brand using cutting-edge strategies and the latest in online innovation and technology. We assemble the best team for your needs, meaning you only pay for the talent your project requires. Through hard work and a passion for what we do, our flexible services are focused on building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. Contact us now to share your business aspirations and together we will develop your own winning marketing strategies.

There’s nothing more satisfying for us than seeing a brand we’ve created become a recognized player in their market. We work with brands day in day out and understand what it takes to set a brand apart from the masses, to make an iconic brand and to elevate a brand to the next level. We love to work with brands from the very beginning and can help you to create your brand from scratch, developing everything from your brand name and strapline, to your unique logo and corporate identity. We’re used to working with established, global brands and have experience in creating product icons to visually communicate the technologies used in your product and ensure your creative translates well across international markets.

If you already have your branding in place but feel that it’s time for a refresh, we can take your brand to the next level, keeping all the elements which work, and refining and enhancing those that don’t. We’ll help bring your brand to life through strong creative that’s always fresh and on-brief.

We specialize in custom innovative solutions and strategies utilizing traditional and new age marketing, public relations, digital branding, events, community relations and business development. We implement multi-level, personalized and aggressive strategies that incorporate media, digital monetization, social media and creative strategy to increase brand awareness and marketability. We also specialize in relationship development, sponsorships, endorsements, events (planning and execution), foundation development and charity work.

Public Relations, whether online or through traditional media channels, is a credible way to communicate with prospects. Typical public relations campaigns deliver an ROI that is triple that of media advertising, and builds both market inquiries and a leadership position for brands. With proven experience in B2B and consumer media settings, an our Public Relations program can connect your brand to your audiences by utilizing valuable media contacts to share your news. We start with a strategic plan to identify your brand’s unique and newsworthy stories. Then we tailor those stories into articles, interviews, podcasts, news releases and web content and provide it to media outlets who can broadcast your message.

PR strengthens the credibility of your brand by leveraging media channels to tell your stories. The benefit of this earned media placement is the trust it builds with your audience. By sharing with the media why your brand is unique and the new ways your brand is impacting the industry or your corner of the world, you will position your organization as a market leader.

In addition to media relations and positioning, Royal Sports Promotions also assists with media training and interview preparation to ensure you have the tools you need to speak with the media in behalf of your brand. Before every interview, we prepares detailed talking points and research to ensure your brand spokesperson can leverage each interview to the full advantage of your organization. Our Public Relations programs are tailored to the needs of each client. Whether you want to publicize a new product, raise awareness for a new initiative, drive sales and leads, build participation in an upcoming event, or educate the public on an important issue, we can connect you with the right media and resources to tell your story.